Antics Comic
Very recently, 'the past few days' recently in fact, my good friend signed herself up for online dating as part of her New Year's Resolution.  Nerves of steel, that one (and with some undue prodding on my end).

In creating her profile and writing a description about herself, we got into a severely heated debate about what you should or should not tell others about yourself in a 200 word blurb, particularly in the dating context.  She took cloaking of certain aspects of her life to be lying or false advertising, whereas I saw it as saving those details to people that you sort through and are interested in getting to know better.  I argued that with an online dating profile, you should really put your best foot forward, allow your brightest parts to sparkle and shine, and try to get as many inbound inquiries in the door.  I see it as a pure numbers game and I would prefer that she be able to pick and choose amongst the suitors.  However, I also understood her reticence at polishing up the doorknob but leaving the rest of the house in the dark.

But are not makeup and push up bras "false advertising" to an extent?  Or let's flip the context into a job interview situation.  Would you tell your potential employer that, although you are smart as a whip, a team player, and organized, you have the tendency to procrastinate, take long lunches, and surf the youtubes between 2 and 4 pm?

As more and more people I know try online dating and have had online dating experiences, I want to know what you think is preferable.  Would you prefer to Kardashian Kontour (if you don't know what this is, just google it - it's pretty amazing) your online dating profile or go with the bare faced approach?  And so you all won't cheat and say there needs to be a balance, let's pretend you have to lean slightly more one way than the other.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.