The Texas weather decided to cooperate for once and give a beautiful send off to sister with 70 degree temps over the weekend.  Thank you all for the kind wishes for her new endeavor and move and I can't wait to get myself to the Pacific Northwest to frolic away once she gets settled in.  Ryon and I also got to spend some quality time together bonding and trying to get him to shed his scruffy winter coat.  I bought him a slick new blanket that should have "all the ladies coming to the yard"... or really just keep him warm because we're getting down into the 30s again this upcoming week.  How have you all been and how were your weekends?

The house this week is gorgeously grand.  Trying to be rustic but failing, largely because it's ginormous at over 4,500 square feet.  That doesn't mean that I don't like those little rustic touches (check out the cabinet handles in the kitchen).  You all know what a sucker I am for beams in the ceiling and there are fireplaces galore scattered all around the house.  And that pool.  You could pretend you were out in una finca instead of a mansion in Dallas.