Living in an apartment, I don't quite appreciate the sweat equity (or money) that people devote to their outdoor landscaping.  I am not a green thumb and I think the last thing I tried to grow intentionally was a grass from a styrofoam cup that had a magic marker face drawn on it.  The only maintenance that required was trimming the hair occasionally with safety scissors.  This big ol' house on the National Registry is perfectly manicured and I would be content roaming the grounds, taking a dip in the pool and generally feeling rich, I mean, relaxed.  I enjoy the outside the most, which I've shared below but if you want to enter into trippy-Asian-influenced-decor-land, feel free to click the link.

It looks like a 'she' doesn't it?  I know that's silly to put a gender on her
A water feature driveway to the garage?  No way!
No backyard is complete without a pool, spa, gardens and guest house