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I like cooking.  I should caveat this statement by saying I don't cook every night but typically only one night a week (Sunday).  I'm not sure what got into me this weekend but I decided to try a coq au vin recipe.  I rarely cook French food (does an omelette count as French food?) and this dish has more than 10 ingredients, so it was a test in my culinary prowess.  Surprisingly, after buying bunches of fresh herbs and spending lots of time chopping onions and button mushrooms, it was actually turning out alright.  The smell of onions and chicken cooking in bacon fat was permeating the apartment.
That's when we opened up the bottle of red to add to the dish as it bubbled away on the stove.  And then we opened the second bottle of wine to drink while we waited for the chicken to cook.  Needless to say, hours later the apartment was saturated with the smell of onions and stock and we were sprawled out more or less unconscious with food and wine.  Ahh, Saturdays and overeating, I do love you.

If you're curious about the recipe that I used, here it is.  It is quite superb and Elise has never failed me before.

PS: I really do need a dutch oven.  Does anyone have any suggestions?