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As if a testament to how little I venture outside, I spontaneously went for a jog around the neighborhood and spent the entire time squinting into the sun.  No, there will not ever be a need for me to wear reflectors when running as my chalky-white skin will surely reflect any light that bounces its way.  It's a different type of light in the morning and maybe, starting next week, I'll start to make longer morning runs part of my daily routine.  It feels strange saying that and it'll feel even stranger when it comes to that point. 

Today was a bank holiday and I didn't go into the office.  But even though I had a call this morning, ran errands, stopped off to see baby Jai, I still feel like I was holed up in the silent cavern of the empty apartment all day.  I am hoping that once we move and I get a desk set up, I'll be able to feel more productive even though I'll be at home.  I am hoping that there is a difference, actually physically removing yourself from the couch and going into a dedicated work space.  Maybe part of it is background noise.  It's eerily silent in the apartment when I'm by myself.  Maybe some muzak in the background.  Do you guys work to music?  If so, what kind and do you have any suggestions for me?