So this post is a little difficult to write and I've been thinking about how to address it for a few days now.  How better than to do it than through my new title at work: short timer.  According to Urban Dictionary, a short timer is:

That bastard co-worker who found a better job and no longer gives a shit about shit.

Yep, I am leaving my current job!  This has been my first job out of college and I've been here almost a full six years.  However, I've known for awhile that my first job would not be the end goal of my career and it has steadily and consistently sucked the living daylight out of me.  I have consistently churned out 70-80 hour work weeks for the last six years and it's time to move on.  However, instead of focusing on what I'm not going to miss, let's focus on the countless things that I'm going to miss about it - the limitless access to resources, things I've learned, and mostly, the people that I've met.  Well, most of the people I've met...

So, crystal ball, what does my future hold?  I will actually be joining a start up nonprofit in the beginning of March!  A complete 180 from where I have been.  And I will be working from home initially so I am most desirous of advice from those of you bloggers who do and how you stay focused and motivated.  Mostly, I am really excited about the flexibility I will have in my work schedule and the new direction that I'll be able to take my career.

I've received so much support from Frenchie, my family and my friends - it's really reassuring to know that people have faith in me and my abilities.  I will be updating you all more often and cheers to 2012!