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We are finally moved.  The last box has been opened (notice, I didn't say unpacked) and our furniture is all generally in the right place.  It is actually quite odd seeing our furniture together and we definitely fill up both of the closets we have.  But even with the amount of stuff we collectively have, we still have plenty of room for activities in the living room and kitchen - like ballroom dancing or P90X.  Our dining room table arrives God knows when but two of the dining chairs I ordered get here tomorrow.  One thing that I never really paid attention to is the amount of books that I have.  We spent part of the weekend looking for a decent sized, decent priced bookcase but couldn't find anything that fit our style.  Do any of you have any recommendations of where to find non-particle board bookcases?

The cable guy comes tomorrow and we'll finally have TV and internet.  It has been deathly silent in the apartment without either, and Frenchie and I ate dinner last night, just talking to each other, without  background noise or distraction.  It was kind of odd and the silence was deafening.  It is a serious testament to how bombarded we are with information, sounds and colours these days and it was a nice break from it all for around 12 hours.  But I want all that stuff back now!  I am currently sitting in the "library" in our apartment complex checking my email and blogging.  Which is to say, I'll have to come back later this afternoon to finish all the blog checking as I have missed out on all the early Monday morning action and hearing about what y'all did over the weekend.  So pardon my unplugged post for now and I'll check in with you a little later.

Meanwhile, happy Monday!