Today was my second day of working from home and my first day of working with the Internet from home.  Tada - I am now no longer a meditating monk living in a silent cave!  I feel connected to the world and I have really missed my Internet window shopping.  

As this is my first foray into working from home, there are a lot of new things I'm experiencing.  Like the sound of birds chirping in the morning.  And in the afternoon.  And every time they fly by my window because they're taunting the neighbor cat that's lounging on the balcony.  And I start to wonder about things like how people who work from home don't end up enormous whales from the continual access to food.  In the office, every scrap, crumb, shred and sliver of food got devoured and immediately but here at home, there's food in the fridge and in the pantry at all times.  I find myself wandering over every 30 minutes, just to take a peek and make sure it's all there or something like that.  How do you not overeat yourself to death?  And has someone invented a refrigerator lock that only unlocks at certain points during the day?  Because I am almost done with a family sized box of Honey Bunches of Oats and I NEED HELP.  I also wonder when I'm going to start talking to myself.  Maybe that's a week two occurrence.  Also, people are NICE in the grocery store on the weekdays.  No, you go first, no you.  Please, after you.  I'm so sorry I bumped your cart.  That never happens on the weekend.  That blue-haired old lady will gut you if you take the last almond milk carton.

I also received this (well, two of them) in a ginormous cardboard box this afternoon.  Yay dining room chair!  They came out exactly how I thought they were going to look and they're actually very comfy to sit on.  Now for the table and bench to arrive... any minute now... time's a ticking.

Tomorrow I might just make myself a fort out of all the extra moving boxes we have laying around.  Because, who knows, my best thinking may be done in a cardboard fort.