I'm not one to coddle others and much less myself.  Last week, I threw myself through the whirlwind across pond jump, drastic 30 degree change in weather, self-inflicted sleep deprivation and then weekend of extreme heat exposure.  I drank plenty of water, maybe a little too much champagne and ate more red meat in three days than I have since I moved to Dallas.  I thought things would return back to normal when I returned home and my body would adjust, to the time difference, temperature and diet, accordingly.  However when a Mount Vesuvius of a cold sore popped up on my lower lip on Sunday morning, I was shocked.  I hadn't had a cold sore in years and what could have caused it.  When my friend pointed out the obvious stressors on my body and the numerous reasons why my immune system could be down, I dismissed it for a good five minutes until I slowed down just enough to realize that Gosh Darn It, she was right.

Some of us are lucky enough to push our bodies - to make them do what we ask them to.  And fewer of us keep our bodies in tip top condition, ready to respond to our outrageous demands.  But sometimes, our bodies push back.  And mine has chosen this week to remind me that I'm not superhuman and that it's okay to be kind to yourself.  So as you rush around this summer, attending weddings, going on vacation and trying to squeeze the juice out of those long hot days, don't forget to give yourself a break and be kind to yourself.