Veaceslaz Malai
The luck of the Irish must be with me because I've got the good fortune that this week will be filled to the brim with old friends and visitors.  Yep, the old sweatpant kind of friends that you will shut the restaurant down with, eating endless basket of bread / chips and recounting almost every story from 10 years ago.  We won't laugh any less or softer at those stories either, rather they'll build steam and one of us will have to excuse ourselves before we wet our pants.  My good friends will get to meet Ryon buddy for the first time and fingers crossed that he behaves himself and doesn't try to head butt or kick them.

I'll always wish that these friends were closer, that we lived in the same neighborhood or doors down from each other as we used to but understand that everyone has their own lives to live and that someday we may end up near each other again.  Perhaps it's just nostalgia or missing Siri, particularly around this time of year, but I'm heart-heavy for those old days when your best friend was just next door and only a knock away.