Finally, at long last, spring is truly here.  And with the beginning of spring, as it has been every year for over twenty-odd years now, it's yet another year that Siri has been in my life.  I miss my sister, my funny little sister running in the rain in PDX.  Sister, you aren't so little anymore but you will always be the little one to me.  You will always be the one who takes too long, works too slow but creates and composes everything with such care and concern that it always turns out beautifully, perfectly crafted in the end.  You will always be the one who deserves the very best, brightest, newest, shiniest and I will always be proud of you.  Sister, we will see each other soon and eat all types of really bad things and tell stupid jokes about Seinfeld-ish nothingness.  You'll allow me to geek out about all the things that I hyper-obsess over, and I'll make sure mom and dad don't find out how many additional pairs of shoes you've added to your collection.  Meanwhile, take care of yourself because I / we can't - even though we love to boss you around - don't forget to do your laundry, and we will see you again very soon.  Happy birthday sister o'mine and don't forget, I love you.