Mari Astrup
Boy, did we talk.  We talked and talked until you would have thought there was nothing else on earth to talk about, and then we talked some more.  We talked from when the plane landed to when the sun was about to rise, and the stories were still not finished.  There was more to say but we had to get back to life.  10+ years is a long period of time to catch up on.  People get married, get divorced, get haircuts, get tattoos, get nose piercings, get real jobs, get fake ones, get busy, and get bored.

So much changes, yet so much stays the same.  We practically all look the same as we did 10+ years ago.  We all have interests that more or less align themselves to where we were 10+ years ago.  Which is a comfort and not a surprise.  The conversation veered from "so what do you do now?" to stories about relationships - failed and successful - to sex, to cheese, to books, to tv shows, to games, to music and art.  Which is also not really so different from the conversations we had 10+ years ago, except for the "so what do you do now" part.  And honestly, that part of the conversation was 30 minutes max.  Isn't it funny that when you are with those who have known you the longest, the part of your life that takes up the most of the time is the thing that you talk about the very least?  What's a surprise to me is that it isn't really a surprise to me.

These conversations were the ones that kept me still thinking at night, even when I could barely keep my eyes open.  That had and have my wheels turning and reexamining everything that I do, that I have done, and trying to figure out if it's honest and true to me.  My highlight of last week: real talk with real friends.