It took me long enough (I've been living in my apartment for over a year now) but I'm finally pulling this place together.  Don't ask me what took me so long.  Oh wait, sheer laziness and a big blank space on the floor to stack all my prints and frames and watch them collect dust.  But I'm finally getting around to it, especially with the overhanging guilt of all the beautiful homes I've been posting about lately.  Above, I've shared a snapshot of the spot I do most of my blogging from at home, with the sofa that I agonized over last year for months (thank you again Jeanine for your help!).  At long last, I framed the prints that I've collected over the years and hung them successfully without a level thank you very much.  A girl can never have too many prints, is what I've found, and I have my eye on a few more that I just have to find wall space for.  But meanwhile, back at the ranch, we're pretty pleased with ourselves for getting the place semi-spruced up.  Who knows, I might even organize the rest of my apartment to show a little bit more of it this week.  It's only a year late, right?