Just when I thought I was going to catch up on sleep this weekend, Daylight Savings hit and springing forward meant we lost an hour on Saturday night.  Which isn't actually that terrible (I'm just being dramatic) because the sun is out for longer during the day and it means that we're also officially inching toward spring, even if the weather doesn't suggest that.  The birds (and bugs) were in full force today, even though it barely broke 60 degrees, and you can bet that some Texans have already busted out their shorts and t-shirts.  Temperature be damned, it's springtime!

I'll admit, all this talk of spring had me searching for farms and ranches this weekend and I came across this beaut, although not in the States like my usual Hey Homey posts.  Cheerio beautiful British farm house!  The Pond House (it's official name) sits on 3.5 acres, 25 minutes outside of London and the original 1930 house received a major face lift.  That's a chef's kitchen, if I've ever seen one, with tons of natural light and countertops galore.  Plus with the high top eating bar right off of the work space, I'm sure that's where most of the dinner parties end up, if you can tear yourself away from the indoor/outdoor formal dining space.  And does this house know how to do fireplaces or what?  How do you choose which one to toast your feeties by?  Or do you alternate every 15 minutes?  Ahh, this house is such countryside bliss.