My apologies for the blogging break.  You all have been wonderful, wonderful people, checking in on me and my mom every day and sending across words of encouragement and positive vibes.  We were hoping that mom would be able to be discharged on Monday but unfortunately, over the weekend she developed an irregular heartbeat after they turned off her post-valve repair external pacemaker.  Because she had an incredibly adverse reaction to the medication they gave her to regulate her heart rate and her heart rate continued to plummet, the cardiologist made the decision to implant a pacemaker in her this afternoon.

I am so proud of my mom for being such a trooper through this entire process.  Being prodded and poked and sliced open by doctors time and time again cannot be easy, and she's the most miserable when she can't eat or drink anything prior to any procedure.  Today is her third Monday in the hospital and we all can't wait to get her out soon but are trying to be patient about it.  Honestly, she was completely nonchalant about today's operation but I know at this point, she's ready to be done with it all and just on the road to recovery.

It also occurred to me that we completely skipped Ryon's four month checkpoint.  Because of the time running back and forth to the hospital, I've been a little more negligent about seeing him on a daily basis and letting my trainer run the show.  Apparently, this has turned into permission for him to act like a cheeky monkey because he escaped AGAIN this weekend.  This time, he was racing one of his buddies back and forth in the paddocks and either jumped the fence or busted the gate open because he was prancing up and down the side of the barn before one of the boarders caught him.  He was puffed up and proud of himself for getting out and showing the fence (and his buddy) who's boss of the barn.  Ryon, don't go getting too full of yourself.  We all know that you're still deathly afraid of birds.  And giant beach balls.