Steven Rood
Blink, and it's summer.

At 8:15 pm this evening, I was driving home, accompanied by a blue-purple-pink sunset, stained on my windshield and realized that all of a sudden, it's summer.  It's as if spring didn't even happen this year.  The lines between the seasons are a bit more blurred when you're not in school and don't have breaks or semesters to mark the passage of time.  Indeed, shorts and swimsuits are starting to sprout up in stores everywhere and sandals and tank tops are seen more often on weekend patio drive-bys.  And it's with a little bit of glee that iced coffee is an every morning type of thing now.

But for me, it's really about the light.  The pale pink light that is already faintly glowing when I wake up at the first crackling of dawn and that is a dull hazy purple clinging on at the end of my (almost unbearably long) day.  I'm up as long as the sun is in the sky and it won't do to miss a second of it.  Soon it will be time to start freezing popsicles and my tan lines will get increasingly awkward.  We'll start irritably brushing away mosquitoes and complaining about sweat marks on all of our freshly donned clothing.  Seat belt buckle burns will once again be a common occurrence and it'll be too hot to breathe.

But not quite yet.

It's still time to enjoy the light, the breeze, the greenery that is all so new right now.  Welcome to the beginning of summer.  I'm more than ready for it to hang around awhile.