I know this topic has been debated to death with memes, blog posts and tumblr, but Ashley and I were discussing leggings the other day and I'd like to bring it up again, just for giggles.

It used to be that only children under the age of 10 and jazzercise instructors wore leggings (with leg warmers no less!).  But sometime after 2005, it became a thing for women, of all ages, to wear leggings.  There are two reasons as to why women do this, that I understand:

  1. They are comfortable.  Leggings are the 'fashionable' equivalent of sweatpants.  Elastic waistband anyone?
  2. They show off your 'assets.'  Unlike baggy saggy sweatpants, leggings will show off those gams that you've been working on so hard at the gym.
I bought my first pair of leggings (black ones by Splendid) in 2006 and remember the experience with startling clarity, alongside other sartorial memories such as buying my first dress for a formal (still have it) or my first hoochie momma outfit (for Halloween in college - don't still have it).  But before I bought them and from the safety of the dressing room, I called up my college roommate and explained to her in a panic, and inexplicably guiltily, what I was doing.  In hushed tones, we had what I imagine is akin to a confession of sorts.  Within 30 seconds, she absolved me and they were purchased.

I have promised myself that I would never wear any pair of leggings as pants, which I've noticed is becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in NYC (draw what conclusions you will).  And this is why: they cling to your every nook and cranny, frontwards and backwards.

If you are 5'11, weigh 100 pounds and have a modelesque physique, I would still prefer not to see you wear leggings as pants.  Why?  Because regardless of how tight your biznass might be, it's completely unnecessary to flash your UPA to the entire world.  No, no one is going to die if you wear leggings as pants.  This is simply a suggestion not to, much like it's a suggestion that you should not fry bacon naked.  Most likely, the worst that will happen if you do wear leggings as pants is that you startle a few old folks and you'll be judged silently.  I now love leggings as much as the next girl, which is why I've shared some of my favourites below.  But honestly, wear a shirt long enough to cover up the vital bits, please?

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