Whew, it's been one busy week with work.  We're doing a fair amount of website work and I'm starting to learn things with regards to very basic web design.  Duders, it's not easy and it takes fooreeevvveerrr.  I have a new appreciation for all of you who have awesome web designs that you do yourself.  Slowly but surely, I'll start to get it.  And then it'll be time to move on to how to use Photoshop properly.  Because right now, I'll be honest, I just google tutorials for the basic things I want to do and follow them to the T.  If anyone has some web and photoshop resources, tricks and tips for me, I welcome them with open arms.

This weekend, I'm going to be dressing up for a joint birthday costume party.  If you've been following me on Instagram (@Roothers), there's a little hint as to what the theme will be.  It's a good one.  There's also a cold front moving in this weekend so maybe there won't be that many ho-rrific outfits out.  Have a great one!

Studying this book based on advice from Xixia

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