You know, you all are quite fantastical with all of your 'cheer up' suggestions from my previous post this week.  I've always appreciated how the blogosphere is filled with helpful people such as yourselves and one way I get in a good mood is by reading your blogs.  Thank you for your suggestions and kind words, as always.  The weather finally cooperated this weekend and we visited a pumpkin patch to get in the mood for fall.

Speaking of fall, I haven't seen a house this suited for Halloween as this Victorian house in my neighborhood.  This would be the type of home that the neighborhood kids would dare each other to ring the doorbell while Trick Or Treating.  The exterior is crawling with ivy and the foyer is so easy to spookify - you could drape some fake cobwebs in it and call it a day.  The interior is in really great condition, particularly for a house built in 1905, but I could really imagine plenty of scary movies taking place inside.  A flickering candle creating shadows on the wood paneling, punctuated by the creaks and groans of an old house.  What do y'all think, could you live in a house like this?