What is that you say?  You still can't get enough about little ol' me?  Well how can I deny that request, especially with you peering at me with your big droopy puppy dog eyes.  Aki! at 7% Solution tagged me in her Liebster Award and poses some hilarious questions so I shall endeavor to answer them to the best of my ability.

Con Air Hair
What is your favorite Nicolas Cage movie?  This question made me "LOL" for real because Nic Cage, for some odd reason, is one of my sister's favourite actors (the odd reason is probably that my sister is odd).  Siri loves him in Con Air but I think his best is The Rock.  Mostly because of Sean Connery though.

PS - Have you guys ever noticed his hair in the movies he does?  How could you miss it, really?  Why does it always look so crazy?  Is it some Hollywood inside joke amongst Hollywood makeup artists?

PPS - Guys, this would be a great Halloween costume theme party.  Nic Cage throughout the ages.

What is your favorite Nickelback song?  You know that old saying - Hear one Nickelback song, heard them all.  That's okay though?  I like Rockstar just because of the line - "So I can eat my meals for free.  (I'll have the quesadilla, ha, ha)."  I'd take a free quesadilla too, Nickelback.  K thx.

Best meme ever
Do you find yourself using internet memes in daily speech?  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't.  But the Condescending Wonka is one of my favourite internet memes.  However, I do find myself quoting Kid Snippets and Kid History (if you guys haven't watched those videos on the Youtubes, you really need to). 

About how many make up products do you find yourself wearing daily? None? About 5? About 10? More?  None - how utterly embarrassing.  I don't have any excuses either.  I am lazy and don't feel like it?  I also don't want to set expectations that I'll be better looking on a daily basis.  I mean, what happens if one day I get marooned on a desert island with y'all and without a makeup kit?  Then you'd all ask - who's that ugly chick we got stranded with and I wonder what she tastes like.

Also, I think this is why people ask my sister and I who's older, even though she's four years younger.  And it really pisses her off.  I think I may continue not wearing makeup for that exact reason.

Earrings, bracelets, or necklaces?  Earrings.  I can't keep anything else on long enough.  I'm a fiddler.  I lose half my jewelry this way so I decided to just stop wearing most of it. 

Do you bruise easily?  Definitely.  Like a peach.

Do you burp in front of your significant other?  Okay, second weird thing.  Maybe not the second and more like the third or fourth.  I don't burp, hardly ever.  Maybe once or twice a year.  Which makes drinking anything carbonated extremely uncomfortable.  And that's all we'll say about that topic before it gets truly awkward. 

Do you still lick envelopes?  How else are you supposed to close them?  Hot glue?  Stickers?  So maybe sometimes I still use stickers.  At least I don't have a sticker collection anymore.  (Shh!  It's at my parents' house.)

What sound do you hate? Something that just irritates you so much! (Popping gum, smacking lips, etc)  Smacking lips drives me crazy.  I'd rather those people just never eat again.

Where do you want to be a year from now?  Alive, healthy and in my beach side / mountain top mansion planning the lottery barbecue / masquerade ball that I'm going to be inviting you all to.

When do you think is the best age/stage in life to move in with your significant other?  When you're both mature enough to handle it.  Yes, I realize that some people never reach this maturity level.  That's why they get married.  Kidding, kidding...

Here's my question to all of you.  How many of you clicked to read my blog post because of the Nicolas Cage mullet-man picture at the top?  Don't you dare lie.