Regardless of all the drama, bickering and headache that comes with gathering all of the family together, I felt extremely lucky to be a part of my grandparents' 90th birthday party.  (Aside: These are my grandparents on my mother's side, not the grandmother undergoing dialysis.)  Despite all of the trepidation and stress that came with putting this party together, I think the entire family would agree that it was a success.  And my grandparents were thrilled with all of it - even though it cut into their afternoon nap.

You guys, the birthday bonanza lasted for four hours and over 100 people came.  There was a slideshow presentation... karaoke machine... tons of food... dancing... a gigantic birthday cake... and a leggy 65 year old singer.  But most significantly, there was family.

My mom's brothers and sisters flew in from all over the world.  Even my grandmother's younger sister's children came.  We got to meet and play with my cousin Steven's wee ones (pictured above) who eventually became stuck to our sides like glue.  My grandfather sang three songs to the crowd of over 100.  Both grandparents gave speeches and my little cousin Stella even performed a ballet dance for everyone (you can bet that we have this on tape and will pull it out to show her future boyfriends).  In private, all of my aunts and uncles rehashed hilarious stories about each other and their parents.  They shared the mean nicknames that they made up for each other when they were little and how they used to pick on each other.  I know we are lucky lucky lucky to have everyone together and to be able to do this.  And now my grandparents are already planning for their 100th birthday celebration.

Okay, I had to include a picture of the singer.  Can you believe that she's 65? (Note the belt)

PS - The puppy (isn't he cute?) was not at the birthday party unfortunately, but he did join us for a dinner party later.