Is anyone else feeling really meh, bleh, blah, blech right now?  As much as my mood is influenced by those around me, it is also twisted, turned and manipulated by the weather.  And these shorter days are really getting to be a major downer.  We've also been getting grey skies and rain here, which is not helping.  I seem to wake up in a funk every morning and cursing the universe.  Even my neighbor, who I can hear through the walls, lets his alarm ring for 15 minutes before turning it off (it's the robot ringtone on the iPhone... yes I can hear EVERYTHING he does).  If I had a dog, I would kick it (no I'm kidding, I wouldn't kick it.  I would growl menacingly at it and go get some juice), it's those kind of days.

I've tried to regain some of my original energy level by lacklusterly plodding along on the treadmill, snarfing down my favourite Cs (carbs and caffeine) and even pumping up some upbeat Justice Beaver dance jams but nothing seems to work.*

Does anyone have any suggestions for a (non-illegal) pick-me-up?  What do you do to feel like butterflies and rainbows again?  Maybe I need to go buy some candy.

*So I lied, there's one thing that makes me happy and that's seeing the rollerblading dancing man on Montrose on the weekends.  I've included a video clip because this guy is for real.