Do you know what the scariest part of tonight is?

It's not the spirit world crossing over to the living world for one night.  It's not the haunted houses, zombie-clowns or scare-your-pants-off Halloween movies playing on every channel.  It's not even the excitement-fueled, sugar-high children running around the streets like a terrifying version of Frogger.

It's the fact that tomorrow is the beginning of the holiday season.  Only 21 days until Thanksgiving and seven weeks until Christmas!

Have you planned your Thanksgiving table settings / menu / guest list?  Been practicing your trickier Thanksgiving specialties?  Have you organized your Christmas shopping lists by budget and lucky recipient?  Are you ready to brave the holiday travel crush / packed parking lots and long checkout lines?  Is this the year that your child will choose to ask you tougher questions about Santa?

::Shudder::  Scary indeed.  Enjoy the night and Happy Halloween!