This weekend was 'adults' Halloween' and one of my favourite couples hosted a joint birthday party with a Pirate vs. Cowboys' theme!  They decked out their house, rented a karaoke machine and even had separate cowboy and pirate-themed food and drinks.  The spread was pretty fantastic and these two really know how to throw a good party.  Those of you who follow me on Instagram already know that I went dressed up as a pirate.  And it turns out, I'm a frackin' terrible pirate.  And an even more terrible karaoke singer.

Remember when you were a kid and mom told you not to eat all of your Halloween candy and not to stay up too late?  And remember how you didn't want to listen to her and were so upset when she took half your candy and then made you brush your teeth and go to bed?  Turns out, as always, mom knows best.

I ate too many goodies, drank too much rum punch and stayed up way too late.  Consequently, I spent all of yesterday huddled up with a pillow, blanket and mug of hot tea watching crap football.  Serves me right, I should have listened to mom.

Dueling to the death... on the karaoke machine.  I'm the pirate on the right-hand side.  Y'all, I don't think there are any pictures in which I am NOT singing.  Yep, it's that terrible.

PS - Like the piratey buttered rum cupcakes I made above?  They came out looking pretty cute but tasted just so-so

PPS -  I know the weather is getting really crappy right now for those folks on the East Coast.  Y'all stay safe, ya hear?