Supermom via Society6
On Saturday afternoon, I hiked out to the suburbs for a football party.  Some friends, who recently made the move out there to start a family, were having people over to watch the Longhorns totally suck it up (insert sad face here).  Shortly after arriving, I realized that while I've been spending my life making different career choices, other people have, quite bluntly, been making babies.  By the time the third baby, haggard-looking parents and diaper bag rolled in, I got the trend.  I had forgotten my baby accessory.

Luckily, the parents were more than happy to pass their children into my welcoming arms and I bounced and patted the babies to high heaven while their parents took the precious moments of freedom to hurriedly wolf down a hot dog and used the restroom (no, they didn't chug a beer, that would be highly irresponsible).  As a parent, getting an invitation to this type of party must have been golden.  Instead of the "Will there be girls / guys there?" question of your early-20s, it's "Will there be childless adults there?" or "What's the child to parent ratio?"

On Sunday morning, I woke up aching in both of my arms and shoulders and hardly able to push myself out of bed.  I consider myself pretty fit but apparently, juggling babies is not something that I have the upper body strength for.  Mothers of the world, I salute you.  Or would if I could regain the feeling in my arms.