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I'm back after a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles to see all practically all of my extended family.  Last week was a brutal work week and timing could not have been worse to make the trip but I am really glad that I went.  My dad's mom began dialysis this summer and has been in and out of the emergency room.  She is finally stabilized (fingers crossed) and, since undergoing dialysis, her spirits and energy levels are much improved.  It wasn't a glamourous LA weekend - there wasn't any shopping or sightseeing.  Not once did I wear anything remotely dressy or put on makeup but sat, crazy hair and all, for a slew of family pictures, capturing the moments that we are still lucky to have.

I have realized that I am incredibly lucky to have family members who are so caring and selfless - my Aunt Lisa stays with my grandma 24-7 in order to constantly monitor her blood pressure and blood sugar and accompanies her to each of her four hour long dialysis sessions.  My cousin Steph spends a few hours every night keeping my grandma company while she watches terrible (and I do mean terrible) Chinese television.  Steph tells my grandma "I love you" every morning and night even though my grandma never says it back (she's too practical for that).  My cousin Angela, although she's bought and moved into her own home over an hour away, drives up every weekend to pay the bills for the house, set my grandma's doctor's appointments, organize all of her medication for the week and clean.  She is basically a tornado of productiveness in her own household as well as in my grandma's.  My grandmother is still a sassy old lady and even though her body is failing, her mind is still sharp as ever.  I think she knows how lucky she is to have all of her family around and caring for her.

I oftentimes get wrapped up in my little world of work and forget the important things in life.  I'm glad for this weekend, even though it was exhausting, and I am blessed and lucky to have the family that I do.


  1. What a wonderful family your grandmother has surrounding her!

  2. wow. you and your family sound like amazing people. good thoughts to your grandma.

  3. Sending hugs! Your family sounds wonderful!! xx

  4. awww it sounds like your very blessed =)

  5. I hope my kids are that good to me one day. I would love to know your grandma's secret.


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