A weekend wreck

Are y'all ready for the weekend?  I have a wreck of a weekend planned, with work (boo), working out, errands and a lot of shopping for the upcoming family reunion next weekend.  Not to mention, there's college football and a fight on Saturday as well as pro football on Sunday.  The outfit below has been inspired by a certain NFL coach and his habit of cutting sleeves off of sweatshirts.  It is a perfect comfy casual weekend outfit that can go from dropping off dry cleaning, running into the office, to lounging around and watching the game.  What do you have planned for the weekend?  Any glamorous exciting trips?

Weekend wreck


  1. I love this look! Perfect for the weekend. Totally cute, relaxed and a little sexy. me like! happy weekend!

  2. I love how casual and comfy this is. No fancy plans here. Just food and football!! :)

  3. my weekends are usually a time to catch up. catch up on work, errands, cleaning, just everything.

    and I also like the short sleeve sweatshirt look and even bought one for myself but don't really wear it. I think it's because the cut of my sweater is not like the one in your photo. it doesn't drape as nice. :(

  4. Very great choice!!!! Casual and comfy !!!!hope you will have great time on the reunion dear!!!! I just finished my vacation!!!! :( but with great memories ;)



  5. My weekend involved an outfit just like this!Except I was covered in frosting (in a not sexy way) for six hours during a school bake sale on Friday night and then solo parented for two days. At one point, my children crashed into the wine display at whole foods and nearly cost me a million dollars in alcohol. It was awesome! (Monday is going to feel like a three-day Barbados vacation--woo!)

  6. That sweater looks incredibly comfy and stylish all at once! Contagion was really good but I've been washing my hands over and over more than usual ever since. And Horrible Bosses was really funny thanks to Charlie Day! And the other two, it was seriously funny!

    Hope you had a good weekend :)


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