Poisoning ourselves

Frenchie and I are breathing toxic fumes right now.  I made sirloin kebabs in the oven tonight and didn't cover them with tinfoil while they were baking.  Needless to say, olive oil and the marinade spewed everywhere during the ten minute cooking process.  So after dinner, we put the oven on 'auto clean' and it's currently burning the crap out of everything that has been stuck to the inside of it over the last two years he's lived here.  We have all of the windows open but I'm pretty sure that is the cause for my headache right now.  In fact, apparently self cleaning ovens are known to kill birds and cats.  This will go down as one of those things I probably should have researched better beforehand.  You're also supposed to stay at home during the entire 2.5 hour process as well, as the oven temperatures can get as high as 500.  So here we are, poisoning ourselves while watching Sunday night football. 

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything unhealthy?

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