Pool party in October

October is actually one of the pleasant months in Texas, where it's not deathly, pottery-kiln baking hot outside.  While it's not cool enough at night to sleep with the windows open yet, a lot of restaurants and bars throw open their windows and doors during the day and patios start to get very crowded.

It is also the perfect time to use that outdoor living space that you've avoided for the summer months and just lounge by the pool, sipping an iced tea and flipping through magazines.  Perhaps that's why my "homey" blog posts have been focusing on backyards lately.  My real estate hunt this week unearthed these gems, each an oasis of tranquility for different reasons.  If you're trying to reach me this weekend, call my cabana - I'll be getting my tan on.


  1. I so want a pool! I love water and I dream of a house with a pool or a house on the water.


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