Boy oh boy

My friends, whom I've blogged about here, found out today at the five-month check up that they are going to have a baby boy in February!  This raised some contention among my co-workers, as there are two firmly divided camps: one who wants to find out the sex of the baby before it's born and one who would like for it to be a surprise.  All you parents out there, did you decide to find out before your baby was born?  And why or why not?

As we already know that he(!) is going to be arriving, I've taken the liberty at doing some 'window' shopping for the perfect little boy welcome presents.  I'm going to be such an awesome auntie, I can already tell

This little dino onesie is so snarky

Because sometimes mom & dad just need a break
Every baby deserves to be born with a silver spoon in his mouth, especially an antimicrobial silver spoon
Jungle mobile for the cheeky little monkey

Pimp out his little head with a Gucci fedora
Momma's already decorated his room but this one is fantastic

Barney the lion sweater
Baby TOMS for the socially responsible child


  1. I did! I found out. I just could not wait to see. And I felt that it was important for my man to know so that he could feel more of a connection. It is hard for the men. But finding out at 18 weeks that it was going to be a boy made it more real for him. such great finds!

  2. Joanna, when I spoke to my friend (dad-to-be), he said finding out that his baby is going to be a boy made it "real" for him as well and now he's much more excited


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