Dance for rain

The wildfires in Texas have begun to be tamed in Bastrop, however not before destroying over 800 homes and over 45 square miles.  The state has reported more than 170 different fires over this past week, starting since the Labor Day Weekend.  When we drove back from Dallas this past weekend, Frenchie and I saw six different wildfires, one of which hit an industrial park.  There are a few wildfires on the fringes of Houston and the air is smudged with smoke and soot.  It smells like smoke every morning when I step outside on my way to work.  My trainer, her 20+ rescued dogs and 30-something horses were evacuated on Tuesday and do not know when they'll be able to return home or what type of home they will return to.  The worst news is that there is still no rain in the 10 day forecast.

Please do me a favor and hustle and shuffle the best rain dance you know!

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