Friday's grey & yellow

Happy Friday!  Hasn't this felt like a long work week even though Monday was a holiday? 

The blogosphere has been buzzing this week with Fashion's Night Out and fall-related apparel picks and home decor designs (I can't wait for it to be boot season again!).  As it is currently 95 degrees out right now, it doesn't so much feel like fall except that football has started again.  I'll be watching a ton of ESPN this weekend and doing a lot of cheering for my favourite teams and tennis players.

Speaking of favourites, my recently favourite, season-agnostic colour combination is grey, yellow and white.  For me, the combo is soothing, natural and extremely practical as well.  Do you have any recent favourite colour combos?

Fabric & Metal Necklace
Chevron notepad
French ramekins

Dapper Lion's Birthday

Marais wedges

School starting still life

Mr. Clement print

Bee's Knees via Not Without Salt


  1. Lovely!!!!!
    So calming and beautiful.....

  2. The metal/fabric necklace is amazing! It's so light and chic!

  3. GREAT!!xxx

  4. I like these pics, most of them I like the shoes!:)

  5. I like that color combo too. It's very calming. And I am definitely excited for boot season (here in New England it's coming soon!), although I hate to see summer go.

  6. Lovely colours. They go so well together.

  7. My friend just had a yellow and gray wedding and it was a perfect color combo!


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