Read and Wear: The Magicians

Sometimes you just have to see what the fuss is all about.  When it comes to books, I typically don't follow that mantra.  I never fell under the spell of the Twilight series and usually I abstain from 'popular' book club novels that have all of the discussion questions listed in the back.  However, I couldn't resist the draw of The Magicians, after all the hype around Lev Grossman's sequel to the book The Magician King.  Grown up Harry Potter, you say, with a splash of Narnia?  Count me in!

If you haven't heard/read already, The Magicians is about Quentin Coldwater, an abnormally smart yet abnormally awkward and insecure teenager living in New York who suddenly finds himself admitted into a magical college.  Throughout the course of the novel, Quentin discovers that magic and life, are not always as easy and forgiving as books make it out to be and there is a dark side to everything, including yourself.  I won't give it all away, but this is not a redo of Harry Potter - although there are some similarities.

Part of a magician's wardrobe in the novel is a school uniform, but as the magicians emerge into the real world, they can magically dress themselves in whatever they would like.  Below is my interpretation of a Fall Magic outfit.  Somehow, magic for me is translated into flowy and hopefully bewitching*!

Fall magic
*Sorry, it's too late/early to be punny


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