I've got the itch to go on vacation somewhere.  Maybe it's because I haven't done an international trip this year or taken any more time off than a few days, but I want to get out of town and go see stuff.  At work, my co-workers and I have been sending around different ski resorts and tropical spas but the Carnaval de Quebec was the one that really caught my eye.  This year it is held between Jan 27 and Feb 12 and features snow slides, dog sledding, fireworks displays, sleigh rides, three different parades and so many more activities.  Excessive food and excessive fun?  I'm in.  Every year, Frenchie and I promise each other that we are going to vacation somewhere warmer.  But it's tough not be in the holiday spirit after seeing these winter wonderland pictures.

Could this be cured by going to a good Christmas festival somewhere?