There's nothing like some sister time over the weekend to set me back on track.  I started the weekend in a slight frenzy, trying to make it to West Elm in time to grab some tableware for Thanksgiving.  After fighting through some terrible traffic, we got to the store right before it closed.  I grabbed the very last large "Wish" plate (see previous blog entry). 

Siri had a work event in town this weekend and stopped by on Saturday evening.  Frenchie and I mixed up a beef and red wine stew of our own concoction and I practiced baking dinner rolls, which they both sampled.  We all spent the rest of Saturday night lounging around and watching hilarious movies.  My sister is planning on baking the family favourites for Thanksgiving - pumpkin and custard pies.  She makes a deliciously flaky homemade crust but is a super procrastinator so we typically end up baking until the wee hours of the morning.  I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with her - playing iPad games, watching Always Sunny and the Cowboys and making fun of mom together.  Are you guys going to spend some quality time with someone this week?  Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions that you share with them?

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