Foiled yet again!  Work has now blocked pinterest because it has been labeled as a "social networking" site.  How dare they!  I guess I'll add it to the list of other places I can't visit while at work, including but not limited to: youtube, facebook, any external email site and tumblr.  Sigh... now I'll have to resort to blogging with pictures back at home between the hours of midnight and one am.

In better news, I've discovered this Pirate Supply Store, co-founded by Dave Eggers.  This online non-profit shop sells all things pirate: authentic pirate garb, tools, medicine and reading material.  All proceeds go to supporting children ages 6 - 18 in developing their writing skills so plunder away without feeling any guilt!  Below are some of my favourites:

The captions alone make it worth it
For your wee pirate in training
It could go either way - 50 / 50 really...