This is the third Christmas tree that I've put up with Frenchie (okay, so it's the same fake tree every year) and we have slowly been adding special ornaments and a yarn / felt angel topper.  The ornaments have been red and gold but this year we added tartan ribbons cascading down the sides.  I'd love to have an All-American preppy Christmas.  It's traditional, warm and strikes a contrast to the all white and silver tree that my parents have at their house, complete with fake icicles.  Something about growing up in an Asian household excluded me from all that and I'd like to have at least one. 

And yes, that's a early Christmas present you see under the tree.  A Staub dutch oven!  Frenchie bought it on sale over the weekend and I can't wait to braise and stew in it to my heart's content.  We really need an exercise plan after this holiday season.

Our tree!