My family has a thing for vests.  My grandparents, aunts and uncles, parents and my sister and I all love wearing vests in the wintertime.  Maybe we think our limbs are just superfluous parts of our bodies but there's nothing that can heat up your soul like a cozy vest, leaving you free to dress or adorn your arms however you so desire.  Function and freedom - what else can you ask for from clothing?

But here's the other thing, none of us look good wearing vests.  We don't wear vests with cute colours, fun linings or snug and form fitting shapes.  Our vests are always a swamp green or off-tan polyester smock with lots of pockets.  Not just the standard two on the front.  I'm talking six pockets, from your belly to your neck.  No need to ever carry a purse or even keep a filing cabinet for that matter.  But I don't feel bad about my fashion faux pas actually.  I stay warm and secure in the knowledge that someone is walking around in this.  And has paid $350 for it.

You go, guy.  Way to warm your core and not give a flip what people think about it.  And that, my friends, is inspirational.