Have you ever crossed the boundary between fiction and reality?  Been so wrapped up in something ‘not real’ that it becomes real to you and you treat it as such?

My marathons have done just that.  Not the type of marathons that you’re thinking of.  Health and training have nothing to do with it, but endurance does.  I’m talking about TV show marathons, particularly on Saturdays and Sundays.  One episode turns into three turns into oh-my-god I’ve spent all afternoon / evening glued to one spot on the couch.  I will be the first to admit, rather guiltily, that I’ve spent more than one Sunday afternoon this way.

I would say after the third or fourth episode, characters and situations start to become a faux reality.  If it’s cold there, it’s cold here.  If a character is evil / handsome / funny, you start to wonder how you would like to become real life enemies / lovers / friends of those actors and actresses.  You feel like you know them.  Like really know them.  And then you get upset when you read said actor's interviews and he / she speaks about the character in the third person.

“No”, you say, “you ARE that person.  Why are you talking about them like they’re another person?”

Such is the reality of my life.  Any good naughty marathons that you're getting yourself wrapped up in lately?