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Cambridge Satchel / Steven Alan / Anya Hindmarch
If I may, this is a pillow fight post (read here if you don't understand).  In my spare browsing time, I've been yenning after that spring time crush that girls tend to have when the weather gets warmer and the flowers begin to bloom.  Bags, my dears.  Scores upon scores of bags.  Spring accessories, in all of their pastel-y glory.  The buttery leather reaching out to you, making promises of picnics in the park, sun-dappled Sunday brunches on the patio and the ability to bear naked arms and legs once again.  So I give to you, my spring time lust list.  These bevy of beauties in their warm caramel tones or cool grey washes.  Sigh.  I'll take the lot!

You all are going to laugh when you finally see the bag that I got after staring at these for weeks on end.  But that grand reveal will have to wait until next week!