I'm sorry if I've been preachy lately.  And for the odd comments that I'm leaving on your blogs.  I try to sneak them in throughout the day in 10 minute intervals (that's how long our office firewall lets us look at blogs for) and very, very late at night.  So they may not make much sense.  I know I use hyphens way too much and 'awesome.'  Someone get this girl a thesaurus.

Truth be told, there are so many other serious topics that I want to talk about.  Like getting called a "career girl" not more than two months ago, having the 'marriage' discussion every week and each time with a different person, how problems can be only skin-deep, why it's a problem to talk about books all the time, if the mid-life crisis has now been replaced by the one-third life crisis and my little buddy with leukemia.

But, readers, you and I can only take the heavy-heavy for a short period of time, if only because those topics require our full engagement, attention and mental capacity.  It requires our ability to hear, to listen and to evaluate in our heads before speaking.  And I don't think I'm up to putting you guys through that every single day.

So I'm going to try and mix in the light with the heavy.  Don't take it as a cop out and rest assured that those heavy discussions, if you want to have them with me, are only a quick email away.  Sometimes we need to be thrown a pillow instead of the bricks that I feel that we're constantly dodging.  And who knows, maybe it'll turn into a pillow fight.