This weekend, a few road warrior friends and I discussed the concept of livability and how easy (or difficult) is it to live in different cities.  Among the factors considered were: cost of living, transportation, climate, proximity to friends and family, arts and culture, food.  I'm certain that it's less difficult to experience livability as your budget becomes more and more bountiful.  Then you could simply pick up a house like the one below and transplant it into whatever location your little heart desires.

This one's got some of my favourite elements working together: tremendous curb appeal, big bright windows, a cheerful kitchen with plenty of counter space, double ovens and beams galore.  Oh yes, don't forget about the pool in the back.  But all of those things don't count for squat if you don't have friends / family / loved ones close by.  So maybe I'll have to transplant over a few more houses, in addition to this one.