After a weekend cooped up inside because of the 'cold front' that we had, I promised myself that I'd get out and be active.  Enjoy nature - forget about allergies, West Nile and any other potential hazards of the outdoors.  Not surprisingly, all that Vitamin D put me in a much better mood - a better way to kick off the new week.  Optimism, abound!

And that's how I feel about this house of the week.  Although it's not in my taste or style at all, I have to say that I'm a fan, especially of that kitchen.  Oh that kitchen.  I could see that kitchen being a real honest-to-goodness kitchen that gets used often, with friends and family gathered around and some goodies baking in the oven.  There's a fireplace in the master bedroom for some of you bloggers who like that and also a HUGE craft room / office.

I hope that you all did something this weekend that makes you look forward to Monday and here's to starting off the week off right.