I suppose it's awful bookish of me to continue reading at my pre-work rate in lieu of normal people things like laundry, cook, clean, etc etc etc.  It's really my one tenuous link with sanity, although it's also acting as the one gigantic barrier against making any type of friends in the New City.

Speaking of combining books with social hour, I do miss my old book club right around now.  How does one, exactly, go about finding a proper serious girl book club?  Or I guess I should say serious girl / guy book club?  You wouldn't put an ad in the paper or on Craigslist, would you?  I suppose Facebook could work but I'd rather not everyone in the entire universe of friends that I don't ever talk to anymore know where I am and what I'm doing.

On the plus side, I am participating in Hila's Women Writers Reading Group which is kind of like a book club.  I have never really thought about the gender of the author when picking a book so I'm making a conscious effort to explore the space of women writers and hopefully find some undiscovered gems.

What have you been reading lately and more importantly, are there any women writers that you recommend?

PS - I'm not quite sure what you can tell about a person by judging them based on the covers of the books that they read.  But from my covers this month, would you say that I'm a person prone to violence?!