Hidden a midst the towering (for London) and grandiose bank buildings, with retrofitted nightclub-esque lobbies, South Place Hotel is snuggled in a little corner.  Overshadowed by a Marks and Spencer on one side and set in hustle and bustle of the financial district, the hipper-than-thou tourist doesn't swing through here.  This is a place for those who are too cool to care, too cool to photograph the art pieces on display and way too cool for me.  Fortunately, it's within walking distance to literally all of our meetings so the hotel selection is justified and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there.  Next time, I'm unabashedly snapping photos of the art installations and grabbing a drink at the outdoor bar.

As I'm camera-operator shy, the first few pictures of the common spaces are from the hotel's website, however the last few (shoddier ones) of the room are from my camera phone.

Best parts of the hotel besides the bubble bath?  Heated towel holders.  Ambient nightlight around the bedframe so you don't stumble on something in the dark.  Larger than normal City of London rooms.  Personalized handwritten note welcoming me to the room.  And blackout shades.  Seriously, go there now.*

*I have to add the disclaimer that I'm in no way paid to blog about this hotel.  I would love to be but sadly, no.  These are all my thoughts and opinions