Yesterday, I found myself trapped under some dingy scaffolding a midst dirty brown puddles in Soho watching rain pour down from the skies, brushing quite a quantity of droplets from my suit jacket and hair as best as I could and chiding myself for my personal philosophy against owning umbrellas, particularly in London.  It was cold and wet.  In June.  I was semi-lost and looking entirely too much like a drowned rat.  When I heard a barely audible "excuse me miss" coming from my left-hand side, I was wholly expecting an indigent request for some spare change but instead was greeted with:

 "Excuse me miss. I apologize for the weather.  I wish I could tell you it is going to get better but sadly I'm afraid it won't."

 And off the man went on his way.  I burst out laughing, I couldn't help it.  Sir, whoever you are, you were the sunshine-y highlight of my day.  Only the British and only in London... I love this town.