Too many dystopian novels (see Oryx and Crake and The Children's Hospital) makes me peer cautiously out the window and expect to be surrounded by a never ending ocean.  And start hoarding canned goods.  And bug spray (so I may already hoard bug spray).

Hotel, don't even think I'm not judging you based on the state of your minibar.  Stale peanut M&Ms and pistachios?  For shame.  Where are the Dean & Deluca gummies and gourmet popcorn?

I may have bought Jim Gaffigan's Dad is Fat for my father on Dad's Day.  I love you dad!  I'm borrowing that book after you're done with it.

I've been told on two separate occasions this weekend that I need to find a man and get married ASAP.  The question at that moment became - who do I punch in the face first?

Considering that this past week, I've been bitten by mosquitoes everywhere including behind my ear, the chances of me contracting West Nile this summer are pretty high.  It's either that or widening the hole in the ozone from all the OFF! I've been spraying.

In searching for a Springpad replacement, I've stumbled upon Mammoth as a potential collaborative platform.  Any one have any other suggestions?

The city noises are keeping me up.  What is that dull roar and how many times do you think they have to collect garbage on this street?  I can tell you why this is the City that Never Sleeps in two words.  Cab drivers.