Taco Cowboy aka "My Hero"
Howdy folks - yours truly is back stateside, a bit bleary-eyed but doing good, all things considered.  First and foremost, a mom update.  She is recovering sloooowly but surely, walking around for a few minutes longer every day.  Her appetite is still nonexistent but we try to force her to eat as much as she can possibly stand.  All of her meals are very bland and due to her medication, she can't eat certain veg like spinach and broccoli.  As a result, she's become a little anemic and my cousin has ordered her a pack of Ensure to help supplement the nutrients that she's lacking.  I didn't really notice how much weight she's lost and how gaunt she's gotten until this past weekend.  If anyone has any nutritional tips on how to bulk up a little lady, they're gladly welcome.  In spite of the weight loss, mom's done a wonderful job of staying in high spirits.  We watched Frozen this past weekend and I wish I could tell you that we didn't burst into song every hour thereafter, like a pack of seven year olds.  My poor dad must be so tired of hearing "Let it Go" on repeat.

Through the kindness of friends and coworkers, everything else has been held together - throughout the endless hospital visits and international trips.  Ryon has been well looked after and quite content sweating through the summer heat.  I can't express my gratitude enough for the people who have buoyed me up during this time.  I may die a thousand small deaths on a daily basis but someone is always there with a tiny defibrillator to make sure that I keep on going.