Ryon's ready for the big boy jumps
Time is on such a wicked tear right now - can you believe that this is my five month check point for Ryon?  And boy oh boy buddy, did we cross a big milestone this past week.

I was finally able to take Ryon out on the trail by our stables that wind around our local lake, one of my main attractions of boarding at my stable.  Going solo at this point would have been a huge NOPE, so I was glad for the company of three other ladies (and their respective rides).  The trail took us under several road overpasses, over a wooden bridge, through an overgrown thicket, and next to tennis courts, playgrounds, bikers, joggers, and dog-walkers.  Y'all know what Ryon's biggest balking point was?  Stepping off the curb to cross the street.  I kid you not - it has to do with the depth perception of horses - but he finally made it over with the help of a friend.

Despite the attack of the killer mosquitoes at the very end, the trail ride was a huge confidence builder for both of us and I'm ready to go again very soon.  Cantering through the fields outside, Ryon is in his natural element and he has a sudden burst of energy during those runs that I don't see when we're riding in the arena.

Siri is back in town this weekend and my mom's birthday is today.  I hope you all are enjoying Friday the 13th and the full moon tonight.  Have a wonderful weekend!