Sun up to sun down - I'm awake.  I'm there, wiping sleep out of my eyes, for the faintest first blush of dawn and I also present to act as witness for it's final blaze of glory at the end of the day.  Thanks to the location of my new office (with ceiling to floor windows) facing the east, the rays heat up the room nicely in the beginning of the day, the warmth keeping off the chilliest A/C blast throughout the rest of the day.  I've taken full advantage of summer's longest days this season and if you lived in the house of the week, you would be able to as well.  Have you ever seen so many windows?

This house is pretty much mid-century modern at it's finest.  And its current owners have furnished it accordingly as well.  There is brick inside and outside the home and I must say, although it's old-fashioned, I love it.  The ginormously grand fireplace that commands the family room space just commands a roaring fire, come winter time.  And I love that the same brick is extended as part of the kitchen / stove.  Can anyone tell me what kind of stove that is that requires a box with a handle?  Because I want that.  I want this kitchen.  I know it's not gleaming white subway tile and there's no marvelous backsplash but I want this one.  The view to the yard and the yard itself - it's perfect.  I'll cook for my dinner parties in the 1950's kitchen and serve cocktails in the backyard, strung with twinkling lights in the summer dusk.  Shall we say next weekend?